Witness denounces bribery in the case of Perez Molina attempt

Bribery was recorded by monsoon and handed over to the Special Prosecutor's Office against impunity (FECI). | Photo: I am 502

Juan Carlos Monzón, Londoño and witness of the Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala in several incidents of corruption against ex-President Otto Pérez Molina, complained Friday that was visited in prison and it tried to bribe so that he alter his statement. 
Monsoon said during a hearing in advance of trial that three people tried it with $100,000 to bribe to change his statement in the case “Co-optation of the State”.
“They had the cynicism of get me to offer money, a Commission to give me them customers and change my statements, seeing that I was there (prison) for bribes”, denounced monsoon.  
Responsible for the visit to bribe would have been the lawyers José Gerardo Martínez Búcaro, Luis Gustavo Montoya García and José Vielman, whose persuasion failed. 
The witness said that three lawyers entered his cell in Pavoncito prison in a van and that the fact it was not mark: “There is no record in the prison system”.
The ex reinforced his testimony by pointing out that his cellmate lent him a recorder in the form of pen that could capture bribery and delivered it as evidence before the Special Prosecutor against impunity (FECI).
In the case “Co-optation of the State”, more than 50 people, including officials, private individuals and entrepreneurs, are involved by the alleged looting of millions of dollars to the State of Guatemala between 2012 and 2015, during the Government of Pérez Molina and Baldetti.
Perez Molina and Baldetti are accused of money laundering and there are 95 witnesses between the evidence of the prosecution.
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