U.S. violates international standards for attacking a sovereign country, says Bolivia

Multilateralism is the hope of the world to avoid war, said Sacha Llorenti. | Photo: EFE

The representative of Bolivia to the Council of safety of the of the United Nations (UN), Sacha Llorenti, said a United States (U.S.) of violating the norms of international law by attacking a sovereign country like Syria.
In an interview in the program is news of teleSUR, Llorenti accused USA use its military power to act unilaterally and perpetrate a bombardment against Syria, which has left nine civilians dead, including four children.
“It is not the first time something like this happens, but we are not going to keep quiet before a breach of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations,” said the Bolivian Ambassador.

#EEUU wants to divide Arab world to liquidate progressive movements in the region https://t.co/pCjuy3lzLB #NoALaGuerra pic.twitter.com/Cgf5ldS8RT – teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) April 7, 2017 Llorenti told US by its double standards on human rights, democracy and multilateralism. 
He explained that U.S. speaks of human rights “but when that speech doesn’t do to defend their interests promoted by the systematic violation of human rights”.
Also, Llorenti said that U.S. says promote democracy in the world, but when it doesn’t suit you intervene to force changes of Governments. 
Also, the North American nation, defends the multilateralism of the United Nations, “but when those institutions do not respond to their interests they violate the norms of international law and attacking a sovereign country”.
The Bolivian Ambassador to the UN recalled that “multilateralism is the hope of the world to avoid war and that implies the rules”.
He said it must be to be very alert “because this kind of attitude (of USA) respond to a policy intervncionista of absolute disregard for international norms”.
The bombing on Friday against Syria was made under the guise of a chemical attack last Tuesday which United States, France and United Kingdom accused the Government of Bashar Al-Assad, but it ensures that its military troops have not executed work in Idlib, much less with chemical weapons because they do not possess them.
Chemical weapons declared by Syria in 2013 before the Convention for the chemical weapons ban (OPCW) were destroyed entirely in 2016, thus the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) said it at the time in a statement.