Suspension of Russia and USA air agreement starts on Saturday

The action of the United States can only facilitate the strengthening of the terrorism, says the Russian Government. | Photo: RIA Novosti

The Russian Defense Ministry notified the Pentagon that from 00 H 00 local time this Saturday, will cease to operate the direct line of communication created by both countries to coordinate air operations in Syria, reported RIA Novosti. 
The Russian Agency gave notice to the military representative of the Embassy of the USA in Russia.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia suspended air safety agreement this Friday in Syria agreed with United States (U.S.), following the bombing carried out by the United States against a Syrian military base in Homs province, which left at least nine dead.

#ENVIDEO | So was the U.S. attack to #Siria – teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) April 7, 2017 Russia denounced at the UN that the U.S. action is an illegitimate act of aggression and warned that it will bring serious consequences for international stability.
“It’s a flagrant violation of international law,” said the Russian representative to the Security Council, Vladimir Safronkov.
The action of the United States “only can facilitate the strengthening of terrorism”, added.