At least 17 killed by bombing in southern Somalia

Somalia was declared a State of war to end with Al-Shabab. | Photo: Reuters

An attack on a minibus traveling through southern Somalia Thursday killed at least 17 people, including five children, and several wounded. The vehicle moved along a road in the Lower Shabelle region between the towns of Golwayn and Afgooye.
No group has claimed so far responsible for the bombing, but Somali authorities have pointed to the jihadist Al-Shabab group as the perpetrators. This group formally joined Al Qaeda in 2012 and controls large areas of southern and central Somalia.
Lower Shabelle is one of the regions most affected by drought and an outbreak of cholera which so far year, they have caused altogether killed more than 400 people.
The President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi, said Thursday “a State of war” to end with Al-Shabab and offered amnesty to those terrorists who surrender. This group performs regularly attacks against civilians, police officers, representatives of the Government and military since 2006. On Wednesday they attacked with a car bomb a restaurant in the capital, Mogadishu, causing six deaths and 14 injuries.
According to the United Nations (UN) Al-Shabab Group continues to have capacity to act within and outside Somalia despite the efforts of the army and of the African Union Mission in Somalia.
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