U.S. may take military action against Syria

Syria blamed terrorist groups of perpetrating the attack to harm the Government of Bashar Al-Assad. | Photo: Reuters

The US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that considered taking military action against Syria, after the alleged chemical attack in the town of Idlib.
The average CNN source indicates that Trump said before members of Congress, which does not have a final decision but it is discussing it with the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, since it is a “serious situation”.
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Last Tuesday there was an attack in the Syrian city of Jan Sheijun (province of Idlib), which left 58 people dead, however, the National Coalition for the forces of the revolution and the opposition of Syria increased the number of fatalities to 100.
USA been responsible for chemical attack the Government of Bashar Al-Assad, but the Syrian President assures that the army of Damascus does not possess nuclear weapons and blamed terrorist groups operating in the area. 
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