PUT – Mexico rejects OAS against Venezuela attacks

The subordination of the Organization of American States to us pressure was evidenced in the arbitrary meeting against Venezuela. | Photo: AVN

The Mexico Chapter of the network of intellectuals, artists and social movements in defence of humanity (put-Mexico) conclusively rejected the interventionist offensive of the United States against Venezuela-sponsored “more belligerent sectors of the Venezuelan right”. 
The put – Mexico regretted the participation of that country in the operation from the Organization of American States (OAS) against the sovereignty and independence of “the Nations of the Patria Grande”. 
The performance of the 21 countries that held an “informal” meeting to deal with the situation internal of Venezuela “showed the neocolonial OAS, supposedly multilateral character that always served as interventionist tool used by US”, says the Organization of intellectuals and artists in a statement.

Respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela. PUT – Me xicohttps://t.co/JQmstH0MTx – Hernando CalvoOspina (@hcalvoospina) April 6, 2017 the Secretary general of the OAS, Luis Almagro, “Inquisitor of Venezuela”, reflects the plan drawn up by the command South of the army of United States “which in its point number 8 calls upon the application of the Charter to Venezuela, said the network. 
“Our support to the people and the Government of Venezuela is total, respectful of legality and democratic coexistence and we urge the opposition sectors who respect the Constitution and channel their proposals via the electoral and who understand that in Venezuela there is no return on the construction of a fair, free and democratic society”, highlighted in the communication network.
> Network of intellectuals rejected measures neoliberal Macri put – Mexico demanded respect for Venezuela and their constitutionally established authorities, “we call the peace-loving nations to speak out against new abuses orchestrated from the OAS”.