Peru registers third case imported chikungunya virus

Until 20 June van 4 thousand 676 cases confirmed and 21 deaths (foto:archivo)

A 31-year-old man became the third case officially registered in Peru of the chikungunya virus, who had recently traveled to the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, said in a statement the Ministry of health.
“The Peru we do not have mosquitoes infected with chikungunya.” However, in countries in the Caribbean and Central America, there are”, said the paper reported Friday, clarifying that it is a case imported from the terrible virus.
The patient showed obvious symptoms of the fever that plagues the Caribbean: fever, malaise and headache joint, being diagnosed with chikungunya in medical consultation and immediately undergo treatment, with favorable results.
Health authorities reported that they have adopted appropriate measures to control cases and also has the technology needed to make the diagnosis and treat the disease.
The first two cases of the virus in Peru were recorded in June with people who had traveled to the Dominican Republic, reason for which the General direction of epidemiology of the Ministry issued an alert to reinforce surveillance and a preparedness plan.
On June 30, International Panorama reported on the progress that has taken the Chikungunya virus in the region and said that of the total of affected countries, four Nations or territories reported 96,38 per cent of the cases, including Dominican Republic with 48.8 percent, Guadalupe with 21.76 percent, Haiti and Martinique with 19.04 percent at 6.42 percent.
Until June 20, reported 183 thousand suspected cases, 4 thousand 676 confirmed and 21 deaths.
The chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, which produces fever, skin rash, headache, and above all strong pains in joints that are subsequently.