Iran rejects violence perpetrated by Israel to the Palestinian people

Palestinians faced attack by the israeli army at the funeral of the murdered young (foto:Reuters)

This Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemned the continued aggressions of the israeli Government against the Palestinian people living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
In a statement offered by the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Iran, Marzie Afjam, different international bodies, especially to the organisation of Islamic cooperation (OIC), was urged to condemn firmly the attacks and crimes perpetrated by the regime in Tel Aviv in the occupied territories of Palestine and called them to take urgent measures to put an end to this situation.
Afjam rejected the new restrictions imposed by Israel on Muslims. He indicated that the prohibition from entering the Al – Aqsa Mosque on the first Friday of the holy month of Ramadan (29 June – 28 July), for them, is a sign of terror and weakness of the Government of Israel.
He said that the Palestinian nation, taking advantage of the experience gained during many years of Israeli attacks, “know stick to resistance as a beginning to spoil the plans of those who are willing to make concessions with the enemies and ratify what belongs to him by law”.
The escalation of tension between Israelis and Palestinians increased after the abduction of three young Jews, and the subsequent rape and murder of a Palestinian teenager of 16 years in East Jerusalem, whose body appeared calcined and with signs of violence in a forest, killing suspected could be the work of radical Jews.
This Friday was held the funeral of the Palestinian young man, where israeli police mobilized large reinforcements in Al – Quds (Jerusalem) and reported a balance of at least 35 injured Palestinians, one of them seriously.
Israel, which accuses Hamas of abducting and murdering three young people, has arrested hundreds of its members in the West Bank. Meanwhile, the launch of missiles from the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas, which Israel has responded with shelling and the deployment of troops has intensified.