Bolivia will implement millionaire plan against flying locusts

More than a thousand hectares of crops have been affected by the locusts in the Department of Santa Cruz. | Photo: EFE

The Government of Bolivia will implement an ambitious national programme of control of flying locusts, which includes a budget of over eight million dollars, as well as the support to farmers for crop monitoring. 
The Ministry of Rural development and land in that country developed the plan that will be implemented over a period of five years in conjunction with the national agricultural health and food safety (Senasag).
> Bolivia gives 771 thousand dollars to fight locusts flying in accordance with the Minister of Rural development in Bolivia, César Cocarico, during the first year will be installed in that country the infrastructure and equipment needed, which will require one investment of more than two million dollars.
The Bolivian Minister pointed out that the programme aims at the realization of trainings and the plant spread to agricultural producers.
In addition to these funds, the Government also authorizes the Ministry of Rural Development to perform direct contracting of goods and services, and the regional autonomous governments affected by the plague to the reallocation of resources or budget transfers.
The data: the past January 28 detected the presence of swarms of locusts flying in the Department of Santa Cruz, in the East of the country.
Despite the fumigation, the Minister pointed out that it could not delete the invasion in a total way, so they decided to implement the program across the country.  
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