Rafael Correa: right democracy don’t

Correa called irresponsible candidate Guillermo Lasso | Photo: EFE

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, referred to the performance of the right during recent elections in the country in which candidate Guillermo Lasso unknown results and calls to action.
In interview for teleSUR, Rafael Correa, said Lasso had the support of the private media and only showed a study of a pollster paid by the candidate in which gave it as the winner, “the results showed the contrary,” added the President.
> President of the CNE of Ecuador: electoral process was impeccable belt indicated that several surveys and opinion surveys gave the choice of Alliance country ahead of right, however the private media (Ecuavisa) announced hours earlier to Lasso as the winner, that is irresponsible. “this is based on the trap that they themselves do, quick counts gave us several points above” said Correa.
Around the call to ignore the result, the President commented that “right it doesn’t matter you democracy” and described as irresponsible attitude of the candidate Guillermo Lasso to the “do not accept defeat”.
> Who is Lenín Moreno, the President-elect of Ecuador?
The head of State said that the world has recognized the triumph of Lenín Moreno and Jorge Glas and has despite allegations without sense of victory of the candidate of Alianza País right was shown “The State of democracy is stronger than ever”.
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