Peruvians demand government support against heavy rains

The population of Piura was the most threatened in the region. The Center, along with a good part of the town, suffered by the floods. | Photo: EFE

A group of victims of the Peruvian towns of large Pedregal, Cura Mori, Narihualá and new Pedregal, marched Tuesday to the headquarters of the regional Government of Piura for repairing two levees broken by the force of the flow of the river.
The protesters said when the river flow increases generated floods in the above mentioned localities, therefore demand its immediate arrangement.
> Go to 101 dead by floods in Peru protesters and injured argue that they do not have enough government support.
For its part, the regional Governor, Reynaldo Hilbck, said that he will close the dam broken by the flood “in the next three days” “Let’s hope it doesn’t rain in the next three days in the river basin, to finish this job,” said Hilbck.

In context the town of Piura was seriously affected by the recent floods in Peru. More than 100 deaths, damage to the infrastructure of the city and the precarious situation of more than 150,000 victims are the main problems affecting the community.
Similarly, the population is frightened, despite low suffered the Piura river flow in the last days, so it began a process of building walls in several houses and local audiences, including banks.