Controversy over JEP in case of former Minister of Colombia

Néstor Correa was appointed by the head of the UN mission, Jean Arnault, as Secretary general of the provincial electoral board. | Photo: ColPrensa

The Secretary-General of the special jurisdiction of peace (JEP), Néstor Raúl Correa, said that the case of former Minister Diego Palacio should be within the framework of the transitional law.
In statements to the press, it was reported that the case of Palace, who was Minister of the ex-President Álvaro Uribe, qualifies because “it could have occurred during, and at the time of the armed conflict”.
Diego Palacio was sentenced to 80 months in prison for the crime of bribery by buying votes in the Colombian Congress for Uribe’s re-election. After the approval of the provincial electoral board, Palace was one of the first to sign an agreement to submit to the jurisdiction of the special. The Executive Secretariat of the provincial electoral board admitted the application for parole from the former Minister, who has already served 24 months of his sentence.
This was interpreted by some media as an admission of guilt on the part of the ex-Minister. It was the same Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice which established that crime that Palacio was sentenced had intended extend the mandate of then President Uribe and his policy of confrontation and persecution of armed groups.

No one has said that the former Minister Palace undergoes the JEP to accept charges. Former President Uribe told wrong.

-Álvaro Leyva Durán (@AlvaroLeyva) 4 April 2017 the initial statements of Secretary Correa gave to understand that there was such admission of guilt. “We read this right of petition. To re-elect him (Uribe) it was that it incurred in the bribery and offer notaries to the Congress, in order to get the votes for re-election and win the war,”he said regarding the petition signed by Palace.
However, in subsequent statements he has retracted it. “It is not we legislate or to establish a catalogue of which cases itself or which cases not in way before or after. It is not our role”, he said in relation to the functions of the Secretariat. He explained that it is “the judge of execution of punishments,” when the case comes to whom corresponds the back check function. “It will be the jurisdiction that defines whether or not relatedness and the decision taken may be appealed”, added.
> Guarantees of the special jurisdiction for peace in Colombia belt emphasized that want to avoid making the Secretariat “from day one at a red light so nobody among”. Why has subsequently expressed to declare that the submission to the provincial electoral board does not imply acceptance of liability. Former President Uribe defended Palace through your account on the social network Twitter describing the JEP’s “terrorist justice”.
The special justice of peace was approved on 28 March according to the issues raised by the peace deal between the Colombian Government and the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP). As part of its framework of transitional justice was structured its Executive Secretariat, which is the only one of its administrative components has been formed so far.
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