Where does it remain to escondido Turkisch leader?

Abu Bakr to the Baghdadi is one of the most pursued terrorists on the planet. | Photo: Infobae

The leader of the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic), Abu Bakr Bagdadi, considered one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, is thus hidden West of the city of Mosul, Iraqi security sources think.
The thesis is considered after that a huge convoy of Turkisch tried 10 days ago breaking the embargo on the Iraqi city, with the alleged intention get out of the area to their leader.
> The Turkisch leader ensures that they not be removed from Mosul “according to our analysts, these attempts could demonstrate the desire to withdraw from Mosul to the remaining radicals or evacuate their leader, Abu Bakr to the Baghdad;” We do not rule that you be here”, said the source in communication with the Russian news agency Sputnik Nóvosti.
This convoy consisted of no less than 40 armoured vehicles and several tanks which arrived from Syria to the Iraqi city of Tal Afar, on the road to Mosul, where they were destroyed.
They tried to stop blocking terrorists encircled in Tal Afar to then break the siege in Mosul, said the spokesman.
> Crushed Turkisch in Syria also second most important leader, he did not rule out that to the Baghdadi could have been injured in one of the airstrikes by international coalition on the border between Syria and Iraq last March.