They are new deposit of gas in Bolivia

An investment of $ 500 million will allow to start drilling in 2018. | Photo: Flickr

Bolivia’s hydrocarbons Minister, Luis Sánchez, announced that a new gas deposit was found in territory of the South of Bolivia, in the region of Huacareta, Department of Chuquisaca.
The South of Bolivia is one of the areas of greatest potential gas in the country. The Bolivian Government estimates that you there are about 13.5 trillion cubic feet of gas Huacareta gas tank.
The new field has been named Jaguar X 1 and is known by the name of Margarita megacampo, one of the most important with a commercial production of 2.3 million cubic meters per day. The Minister expected that the production capacity will reach “between 19 and 20 million cubic meters of gas per day”.
Sanchez said that they expect to begin drilling of the new field in the year 2018. The exploitation will be carried out by the Caipipendi Consortium that includes corporations Repsol E & P Bolivia, Shell Bolivia and PAE E & P Bolivia. The investment will be more than 500 million dollars for the exploration and development of these new areas.
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