Politicians linked to corruption are today March in Colombia

A controversial March will happen this Saturday in Colombia. | Photo: @Juanjostaff

The March against corruption scheduled for this April 1 and which is promoted by Uribe, has generated controversy in the political sector. The Democratic Center is seen as a citizens ‘ initiative, while other parties consider that it is a contradiction by a community tarnished by corruption.

Popeye, Exsoldado drug trafficking, will accompany his former “colleague” in the March of April 1. CONVENED by the “old days” P.Escobar. https://t.co/kBGRIOx4Yg – Robert Lyndd (@RobertLyndd) April 1, 2017. the representative to the camera, Angélica Lozano, said that citizens have the right to participate in marches scheduled for this weekend against the Government, but criticized that politicians involved in corruption and irregularities are precisely those who invite protests.
> The fallacy of the March that summons the extreme right on April 1 in Colombia “marching is a citizen, so right that any Colombian can leave to do so. It can go to leave, but it is not wise to go against corruption with people who have been involved”, he said.
Lozano said that it is not possible for some political sectors of the country to criticize the irregularities themselves fed and which made part.
“It is sympathetic in the policy see that (Alvaro) Uribe and his people criticize for example by tax reform when made two, or the health model when created the law 100,” he said.

April 1 is the day of the jokes, and that better joke that the corrupt making March against corruption.

-Seb® (@Sebmonsalve_) April 1, 2017 “it seems to Me that they chose the wrong motivation, because with both Uribe got into trouble and once it was found that one of the major recipients of bribes of Odebrecht was Deputy Minister of the Government of Uribe, does not seem to have much moral authority to protest against corruption”, said Diego Martínez, information director of the newspaper El País.
> Antagonisms of the Colombian political situation the truth is that this Saturday will be checked if it is emerging an organized right movement that wants to return to power and hopes to collect enough impulse to return to the Casa de Narino.
In Bogota March against corruption begins at the traditional national park, in the seventh with 34, and ends at plaza de Bolívar. It starts at 10 o’clock in the morning.