Paris Club joined their ranks to Israel

Since 1983 and until may 2014, Israel had participated in more than 30 Paris Club negotiations. (Photo: archive).

Israel on Tuesday joined the ranks of the Paris Club as a full member. After several years of struggle, the nation was able to become part of one of the organizations in the world that helps poor countries get out of their debt.
The news comes to strengthen the international economic picture that the israeli Government has promoted several years ago. The informal club data, reveal that from the year 1983 and until may 2014, the nation had participated in more than 30 negotiations.
Later, the Minister of Finance of Israel, Yair Lapid, expressed their joy by the decision taken by the Paris Club ensuring that “demonstrate the economic power of our people commits us to join efforts for the most needy”.
Paris Club established in 1956 is composed of 19 countries, but the Argentina defaults on liabilities correspond to 15 members more Israel, which was adherent member to date.
Germany and Japan account for 60 per cent of the total debt, it is followed by the Netherlands, Italy and United States, with figures that do not exceed 8 per cent of the total reached each.
The news is given at the time of the continuous attacks faced by the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, the israeli army officials.