Jihadists seek to control refinery Baiji in Iraq

Oil is a key piece that jihadists want to control. (Photo: archive)

The Iraqi army confronted Tuesday by terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS by its acronym in English) for control of the main Iraq – Baiji – refinery and tried to halt their advance to the West.
On 18 June, the terrorists attacked with fire of mortar, the oil refinery of Baiji, located in Saladin province, where fighting with the security forces stationed at the site continues.
The Iraqi army foiled the attempt of insurgents take the refinery after heavy clashes with terrorists who appealed unsuccessfully to aerial bombardment. The situation in the refinery of Baiji has become tense since Sunni insurgents and the army fight for control of the oil complex.
Iraq oil growth targets seem to be increasingly at risk, according to the international agency of energy, since the political instability and violence that originates the outpost of the jihadist group, threatening supplies just as demand is picking up for the strengthening of the economy.
Iraq is the second largest producer in the Organization of the petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) and boasts the fifth book of the world’s oil. However, sales from the North are interrupted since March.
On Thursday, the first Advisory US military who carry out actions against the terrorist offensive by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant began arriving.
“We started to deploy the first evaluation teams,” said the spokesman for the Pentagon, rear ADM. John Kirby. He added that about 40 military of about 300 advisers that Washington promised to send “had begun his new mission”. So far these 40 military working stop the Embassy of United States in Baghdad.