Iván Espinel: We do not support privatization in Ecuador

Guillermo Lasso represents a danger for Ecuador, said the former presidential candidate | Photo: teleSUR

“We cannot agree with a person he wants to privatize the health, education and remove subsidies of gas”, said the former presidential candidate by the movement force commitment to Social, medical and masters in public administration, Iván Espinel, during an interview for the programme broadcast by teleSUR Enclave Policy. 
Espinel recalled that he tried to get closer to the presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso right to ask him the reason for the privatization of health and education but this “was reluctant to talks”. 
Lasso Government plan in the goal 5, 8 and 9 activity sets the rationalization of subsidies for fuel and gas, therefore, less Ecuadorians will have access to the services, said the former candidate.

https://t.co/w8KCCuOQdn – Iván Espinel (@IvanEspinelM) March 30, 2017 Lasso “is a person who expresses a policy to benefit banking and your plan concerns a neoliberal stance,” said Espinel and added: “Lasso was against the popular consultation on tax havens and is a person who bears evidence on assets kept overseas”. 
“Lasso is a danger for the Ecuador by their hatred and nationalism,” he said Espinel and explained that the proposal of Social commitment with the candidate of left Alliance country, Lenín Moreno, “has always been based on what needs the country, the benefits of the proposals as the law scalpel seeking clean to the Ecuador of corruption”. 
> Reveal details of offshore companies of Guillermo Lasso “the ideological radicalization we are on basic issues such as health and education, when there are incendiary criteria shows that not looking good for Ecuador”, said referring to the call of the presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso Espinel to encircle the Electoral National Council on April 2. 
Ecuador will live on Sunday, April 2 the second ballot to choose between the candidate of left Alliance country, Lenín Moreno, and the right candidate by think, Guillermo Lasso. 
> Analyst warns: “plan of Lasso will destabilize the nation”