FARC-EP held its Congress at the end of July

The formation of a political party by the FARC-EP was established during the agreements in Havana, Cuba. | Photo: @IvanMarquezFARC

The Chief negotiator of the forces armed revolutionary of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP), Iván Márquez, reported Friday to the press that this organization will hold its next Congress in late July, when they plan to formalize the construction of his political party.
Marquez representing the FARC-EP in the peace negotiations carried out by the Colombian Government of President Juan Manuel Santos, as well as the demobilization and disarmament process.
> Iván Márquez: need to rebuild the country among all according to the subscribed during the negotiations in Havana, Cuba, between the insurgent group and the Colombian Executive, FARC-EP can form his political party only when the process of abdication of arms and the final step towards integration to the social and political life in that country.
He also referred to the permanence of the grouping in the points and zones of transition in 14 departments of Colombia, clarifying that time that remain in those camps will depend on the process of reinstatement it takes to rejoin Colombian society. 
“If there are no conditions for the reintegration of the members of the FARC-EP in the economic and social life will be difficult that we accept to vacate such spaces”, said the insurgent leader.
Previously, FARC-EP had informed Colombian society that it would carry out its internal Conference in May.
Data: by the end of 2016, President Juan Manuel Santos and the top leader of the FARC-EP, Timoleón Jiménez, signed the historic treaty that pledged to end the confrontations and hostilities bilaterally. 
FARC-EP guarantee disarmament of their troops if Colombian Government peace agreement