Ecuador rejects attempt at destabilization in Venezuela

Ecuador reiterates its commitment to democracy and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. | Photo: Andes

Human mobility of Ecuador and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement Friday before the acts of destabilization and international political harassment against Venezuela, by the opposition in that country and international right that tries to ignore the constitutional thread of the legitimate Government of President Nicolas Maduro. 
“The Government of Ecuador to the facts raised in recent days in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates its position in favour of dialogue”, emphasizes the communiqué of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
> Venezuela repudiates onslaught of right-wing governments that seek to undermine the rule of law in the document, the Ecuadorian Executive invited the Venezuelan Government and the opposition in that country to the path of dialogue and understanding, without the intervention of external factors.
“In this regard, the Government of Ecuador encourages Government and opposition to channel the situation through the mechanism of dialogue sponsored by the Union of South American Nations (Unasur)”, highlight the document.
“The Government of Ecuador also rejects any attempt of destabilization in Venezuela promoted from international bodies,” added.
The position of Ecuador takes place then the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela supplemented the functions of the National Assembly (AN) of that country, facing the continuous disregard of the Venezuelan Parliament’s majority opposition to the highest organ of Justice. 
The Venezuelan TSJ declared in contempt of January 5, 2016 at AN by swear to three members of the so-called unity table (MUD) elected by the State of Amazonas (South) on 6 December, after being provisionally suspended because of irregularities in votes in that region. This measure makes all the actions of the Parliament since null while the legislators are not desincorporados.
> Venezuela TSJ ensures rule of law in contempt of AN on the other hand, the Government of Venezuela has denounced on several occasions the international actions by some countries of right in the region who want to damage the image of the country abroad, through an international media campaign.