They reveal details of offshore companies of Guillermo Lasso

The ballot for presidential elections will be on Sunday, April 2. | Photo: Reuters

A new report by the Pagina/12 newspaper revealed the alleged properties of offshore companies on the part of the candidate to the Presidency of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso. This information is added to the complaints already made by the journalist Cynthia García of a network of companies in tax havens used by the banker for the extraction of capital.
Research reveals 29 companies in the State of Florida used for the purchase of real estate lots during the crisis of the real estate bubble in the United States in 2009. This State is considered a tax haven by the service of internal rents (SRI) of Ecuador.
Companies have names like Bill, Malena and Nora, alluding to the mother of the candidate of the Alliance believe-sum, in serial order, as Nora Investment. Enterprises are placed in the name of family and proxy of the banker and formed part of the framework of 49 companies in havens such as Panama, Cayman Islands and Delaware.
Real estate lots have been purchased between 2009 and 2010 by up to a third of its real value in the auctions conducted by banks and left 14 million people homeless. As an example, Garcia puts a property in Oakland Park, Florida, which was valued at $ 161, but was acquired by the companies of Lasso in 98 thousand.
The scandal of offshore companies in tax havens has generated suspicion among the Assembly members Ecuadorian as Página/12 research points to other illicit financial as the purchase of Banisi, a Panamanian bank owned by Lasso, a trust also yours, what benefit a bank embezzlement. Check these charges would be a violation of the code of monetary and financial in 2014, according to the Deputy for Alliance country by Pichincha, Soledad Buendía.
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