Inauguration of libraries in community areas of Colombia

This initiative meets a right of all Colombian access to culture, to books and reading anywhere in the national territory, said Consuelo Gaitán. | Photo: Press Latin

Two mobile libraries were opened Tuesday in the community areas of Buenavista and the cooperative, where members of the armed revolutionary force of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP) are concentrated in the run-up to their demobilization.
Community areas are located in the municipalities of Vista Hermosa and Mesetas, to the southwest of the Department of Meta, where the disarmament of members of the FARC-EP will be.
The two libraries were opened by the Director of the National Library of Colombia, Consuelo Gaitán, also was attended by representatives of FARC-EP, municipal authorities and representatives of libraries without borders, a French NGO sponsored by the cultural project.
Gaitan said that with this initiative meets a right of all Colombian access to culture, to books and reading anywhere in the national territory.
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The official of the Ministry of culture said that this project is part of the confidence-building process between the FARC-EP and the Government of Juan Manuel Santos, by the peace agreement. Mobile units are modern libraries with audio-visual elements at the service of all residents in that area. 

That schools are no longer war camps but places for the education of our children. One more reason to say #VamosColombia – MinCultura (@mincultura) March 28, 2017 Gaitan insisted that projects of this type of libraries must occur in remote areas of the country, so the locals will have new spaces to dream, to investigate and looking distracted, something that was denied before.
> Colombian Government recognized difficulties in areas district for its part, the Colombian Executive expects to finish in the next few weeks the location of 20 mobile libraries in 17 transitional community areas where more than 7,000 ex-combatants and other nine points of demobilization of the own insurgency are concentrated.