Argentine Vice-President must be presented again to the justice

Federal judge Claudio Bonadio, quoted the Argentine Vice President for next July 1. (Photo: archive)

The Argentine Vice President Amado Baudou, must go for the second time to the Federal Court on July 1 to answer for alleged false documentation of a vehicle, Honda, model 1992 owned brand, according to the judicial sources Thursday.
The call was made by federal judge Claudio Bonadio, who had already convened to Boudou, in 2011 but that citation was postponed.  Boudou argued at that then that it was normally the transfer of the car, which belonged to his family, Agustina Seguín. Before any irregularities that could exist, he dissociated himself responsibility for the Manager, who said not knowing and had been hired by the woman.
Boudou became ten days ago the first Vice President in Argentine history in be investigated during his tenure of course influence peddling by his alleged intervention when he was Minister of economy to save from bankruptcy the printing of banknotes intaglio Ciccone and have contributed to his so-called friends left the management of the company.
However Boudou called “fallacy” and “hoax” accusations against her in this cause, which is investigating him for alleged negotiations incompatible with the civil service, which declared on June 9 for more than six hours.
The opposing arch claimed that the Vice President resign or ask for license, something that official rejected at all times. The owner of radicalism, Ernesto Sanz, asked “guarantee” that the judge Ariel Lijo, “can move forward” with the cause and accused Boudou “dirty” investigation and “attacking the media”.