Trump revoked policies against climate of Obama

The President was accompanied by his Secretaries of energy, Interior and his Vice President. | Photo: Reuters

The President of United States (U.S.), Donald Trump, on Tuesday signed an executive order revoking the regulations on climate change enacted by his predecessor, Barack Obama. The signing was held at the headquarters of the Agency for environmental protection (EPA).
The order rewrites guidelines for clean energy Plan enacted by Obama in 2015 as part of the U.S. effort to comply with the Paris agreement of that year and which entered into force in 2016. The aim was to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, in relation to the levels of 2005, by 2030 by 32 percent.
This Decree removes the limitation on States in terms of carbon in the power stations, reactive coal mining lease and repeals the regulation on methane emissions in the production of oil and gas.
Trump said in his speech during the signing of the Decree: “I am taking historic steps to lift restrictions on American energy, to reverse the intrusion of the Government, and to cancel regulations that kill jobs”.
The President promised during his campaign to withdraw his country from the Paris agreement and stated on several occasions that climate change was an “invention” of China. Measure seeks the revival of American energy industries for the recovery of jobs for low-income workers in what Trump described as the end of the “war against carbon,”.
Environmental groups have expressed their intention to fight measures by its potential impact on the global climate. While experts and analysts have argued that the measures will not have the desired effect on the reactivation of the economic and employment.
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