Government and FARC-EP agree to accelerate the disarmament process

The FARC pledged to complete listings of its members, including the militia, in order to accelerate its accreditation and reinstatement | Photo: EFE

The delegations of the Colombian Government and the FARC-EP pledged to speed up the process of abdication of arms, after making an assessment of the first 100 days of the implementation of the peace agreement in Cartagena.
“In these 2 days, Government and FARC-EP have been gathered to take stock of implementation of #AcuerdoDePaz. “Delivered me report: advancing”, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said through his Twitter account.

These 2 days, Government and Farc have been gathered to take stock of implementation of #AcuerdoDePaz. Handed out me report: advancing – Juan Manuel Santos (@JuanManSantos) March 26, 2017 Santos met with delegates from the Government and the Secretariat of the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP), headed by the leader of the Organization, Rodrigo Londoño, who informed decisions to expedite implementation on various issues.

We reviewed progress in disarmament, ZVTN, reinstatement and regulatory affairs calendar. Tomorrow we will discuss them in Council of Ministers – Juan Manuel Santos (@JuanManSantos) March 26, 2017 also determined the Government presented to Congress draft constitutional reforms to develop the first point of the final agreement “on comprehensive agricultural development and the creation of the Commission of truth and of missing persons search unit”.
It will also develop “the design and implementation of the national political pact”, seeking that Colombians never again use the weapons to make policy, indicated by the text.
A commitment was also agreed for the end of the infrastructure of the transitional district areas of standardization, where members of the FARC – EP are concentrated to make the process of abdication of arms.
The working session were the High Commissioner for peace, Sergio Jaramillo, the Interior Minister, Juan Fernando Cristo, and the high Adviser for the post-conflict, Rafael Pardo. Insurgency participated Jesús Santrich, Iván Márquez and Sandino Victoria, among others.
FARC-EP seeks to boost implementation of the agreement with the Government