They are protesting against corruption and electoral law in Iraq

The Al - Sadr movement has been calling for demonstrations during the past two months. | Photo: EFE

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Al – Tahrir in central Baghdad square to speak out against corruption and the current electoral Commission. The call was made by the Sadr movement, which is led by the Shiite cleric Muqtada Al – Sadr.
The crowd requests an immediate amendment of the Iraqi electoral law and political reforms. Al – Sadr asked those present did not give their “precious votes to the corrupt”.

Photo: EFE protesters flying the flags of Iraq and denounced the incompetence of the authorities in the management of the country. The clergyman asked Iraqis vote for candidates “qualified, transparent and good” and not to those who “have divided the cake” of power.

Photo: EFE the intention of Al – Sadr would be promoting a boycott of the elections if the electoral Commission is not reformed. He also asked his followers support the army and the security forces to combat the self-styled group Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic).

Photo: EFE demonstrations began in the early hours of Friday. In the past months the leader has invited several demonstrations to put pressure on the Iraqi Government.
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