At least 200 dead leaves attack air in Mosul, Iraq

So far, the author of the attack is unknown. | Photo: EFE

At least 200 people dead left an air strike on Thursday against the town of Al Jadida from Mosul, in Iraq, which are mostly civilians.
The bombings struck two residential buildings, where they were approximately 130 people killed in a single building and other 100 on the other, among them civilians and military of the Islamic State (Turkisch, in Arabic). Media report that terrorists use these homes as shelters. 
UN warns of critical situation in Western Mosul until the moment, is unknown the author of the attack; Meanwhile, the advance of the army Iraqi has been paralyzed by the bombing.
At least 23 dead after truck bomb in Baghdad bombing on the other part, the humanitarian coordinator for Iraq United Nations, Lise Grande, said last week that civilians were facing situations of risk if they had to choose between fleeing Mosul or continue in their homes.