Balance of Russian cooperation and interference of the USA in Syria

Syria is victim since 2011 of an offensive that is financed by the United States and Western allies whose goal is the overthrow of President Bashar Al-Assad. | Photo: EFE

The United States Department of States called on members of the military coalition against the Islamic State (EI) and jihadism, to a meeting to deal with strategies of struggles against the insurgent terrorist group.
Washington is the meeting place and according to the programme, will develop also other meetings aimed at seeking solutions to combat propaganda and sources of funding for the Group Jihad, as well as stabilization measures for the future of the areas that have been under the control of the EI.
> France: Was bad idea to support terrorists against Al-Assad to the event attended by 68 countries and regional organizations which are members of NATO, the North Africa and Middle East countries. Russia is not convened to address strategies to fight against terrorism in Syria.
In view of the international analyst Basem Tajaldini position adopted by United States in not allowing the participation of Russia in this ministerial meeting on fighting against terrorism confirms the double standards of this Government and your hypocrisy to the fight against the State Islamic military cooperation Russia in Syria-Russia military cooperation has been effective and efficient in the field of combat guaranteeing control of strategic operations in close coordination with Syria.
Russia and its allies (Iran and China) are involved in the war against terrorism and the Syrian opposition at the request of the Government of Bashar Al-Assad since September of 2015, on the basis of all statutory and legal requirements and as part of the bilateral ties between the two countries.
In this sense Tajaldini noted that since Russia executed military actions on Syrian territory, with its aerospace forces, Syria has been able to face successfully to opposition groups and the EI.
> Russia detected 7 violations to the truce in Syria within 24 hours the cooperation has been genuinely attached to international law in the fight against terrorism is without differentiation, has proved an effective operation that delivered considerable damage to the military infrastructure of Turkisch, said political analyst, Basem Tajaldini.
Intervention by the United States for its part the US Government with its allies, Britain, France and Saudi Arabia, among others, did not support the counter-revolutionaries or terrorist movements struggling against sovereign Governments, in this case to the Syrian opposition.
The results of US intervention in Syria has been disastrous, qualified Basem Tajaldini, their targets especially have been very wrong, so it considered that USA does not lead a real fight against terrorism in Syria.

The military intervention has generally affected the civilian population and has caused damage to the country’s infrastructure. In addition, the double standard torpedo so insistent any negotiations for peace.
> War in Syria: sorrow, devastation and death Tahaldini specified that United States is the big part that there are these terrorist groups in the Middle East. In its so-called fight against the EI, does differentiation and classifies them as moderate, and this position is which has permitted the strengthening of these armed groups against the Government of Bashar Al-Assad.