Venezuelans enjoy pure heart Salsero and Llanero

Diego Ibarra square Venezuelans enjoyed good music. | Photo: AVN

With the onset of heart Salsa movement and continuation of heart Llanero, Venezuelans enjoyed a weekend full of Caribbean and native music, from two cities in the country.
In the capital city (Caracas), there was a large influx of people in the Diego Ibarra square arranged to attend the second day of salsa heart on his debut.
Groupings performers of the musical genre of salsa, including Bailatino, the Big Band of San Agustin and the soloist Joseph dear, put to dance to those present at the Diego Ibarra, where Venezuelan artists could showcase their work.


Two large of the sauce Venezuelan #marcialsonero and #EdgarDolor next to an institution as #Bailatino in the #CorazonSalsero a publication shared of heart Salsero (@corazonsalserov) the 19 of sea of 2017 to the (s) 9:53 PDT “the 98 per cent of them artists that participate in these first concerts are Venezuelan, that is something that there is that highlight.” It is us being taken into account, the opportunity is giving us. Are us is giving an opening that were fighting from makes so many years and that finally is us is giving the opportunity. (…) “We have the chance of that is spread our work”, expressed beloved in interview with the channel State VTV.
While in the town of Elorza, the familiar heart Ranger was deployed with all its musical activity that highlights the music of the Venezuelan.
Sunday concert was special because it was held the day of the Patron Saint San Jose, final day of the festivities in Elorza.
In addition to the traditional festival, in the city is celebrated for several reasons. The population, declared Heritage Cultural of the nation in 2014, was named capital of the Republic in his day. Also, in honor of Elorza, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, declared the day of the Llaneridad. And in full holiday was declared a national day of the Liqui Liqui, representative of the Venezuelan identity symbol.