Venezuela rejects proselytism and campaign of hate of Almagro

The action of Almagro responds only to his agenda of personal hatred against Venezuela. | Photo: AVN

The Permanent Mission of Venezuela to the Organization of American States (OAS) deplored the actions of Luis Almagro, who convened a press conference Monday, March 20 along with the opposition party Popular will as part of his campaign politically against the Venezuelan Government media.
In a statement, the Permanent Mission of Venezuela pointed out that Almagro again used spaces in the OAS for proselytising purposes, which violates the principles of not intervention in the internal affairs of States, peaceful and good coexistence faith, contained in the Charter of the OAS. 
In addition, Almagro actions go against the internal rules of the OAS, which indicates: “programs or functions in the buildings of the Organization of American States or any other institution of the Organization, will not be political, nor will have a character or similar purpose (administrative Memorandum No. 68)”.

#Venezuela denounces and rejects the practice illegal, illegitimate recurrent and irresponsible #Almagro who uses spaces OAS political purposes – mission Venezuela OAS (@VenezuelaEnOEA) 20 March 2017 “with his call through the official website of the OAS intends to also show that it has an institutional endorsement of the political bodies of the OAS, which does not have” indicates the statement and added that the action of Almagro “is an initiative that responds only to his agenda of personal hatred against a Member State. This is a sign of the severe blow to institutionality of the OAS”.
This new violation of the rules of the OAS by its general secretariat, Luis Almagro, the Permanent Mission of Venezuela requested the President of the Permanent Council initiate the consult with the Member States “for the purposes of enforcement of the rules governing the functioning of the General Secretariat”.
Venezuela asked to the President of the Council permanent, Ambassador Patrick Andrews, that receive the note as a protest “to the call made by the Lord Almagro for a ‘ discussion ‘ on Affairs internal of Venezuela and, that it transmit to them States members and observers permanent of the OAS”.

#Almagro uses them spaces OAS with late proselyting, violating them principles of not intervention in them Affairs internal of them States Venezuela OAS (@VenezuelaEnOEA) 20 of March of 2017 the last 14 of March, Almagro issued a report in which requires of form arbitrary that is carried out elections in Venezuela, of it contrary threatens with invoke the letter democratic of the organism.
The letter democratic could lead in the suspension of Venezuela of the OAS and the cancellation of any help economic for fencing to the Government. But its application must be approved by the two third parts of them members of the organization.