Network of intellectuals reject neo-liberal measures of Macri

One million 500 thousand Argentine became poor in 15 months of Macri management. | Photo: EFE

The network of intellectuals and artists in defense of humanity (put) repudiated by a letter of Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, neo-liberal measures that have resulted in thousands of redundancies in the public and private sector.
Human rights defenders noted that in just 15 months of management, Macri snatched the labour rights of Argentines with the new law of ART (work risk insurance), handicapped retirees and removed them their free drugs. In addition, despite rising inflation, the Argentine Government tries to put cap on wage claims of employees. However, the legislators of the country increased wage a 63.6 per cent in October from 2016, and again in February 2017.
The Charter of intellectuals and activists is entitled “against the abuses of Macri, the world with Argentina”. It said the fall of the economy during the administration of Macri, in particular industry. They also showed the growing social impoverishment. 
In fifteen months of presidential management of Mauricio Macri 500 million Argentine became poor and 600 thousand fell in poverty, says the study of the Observatory of Social debt Argentina (March 2017).
The figures show the deterioration of the social picture, poverty increased by 32.9 percent in the third quarter of 2016 and poverty rose to 6.9 percent. In April 2016 poverty amounted to 32.6 per cent and poverty to 6.2 per cent.
Intellectuals and activists also pointed out the unfair imprisonment of the social and deputy leader of Parlasur, miracle room, in the province of Jujuy, whose detention has been described by international organizations as arbitrary. 
In the letter also indicate that the President Macri is being investigated by several cases of corruption of relevance international as the Panama Papers, Odebrecht, Avianca and mail Argentine.
Also on the menu is solidarizacon with the former President Cristina Fernández, who is the victim of a judicial-comunicacional persecucuion.
At least one hundred personalities from some 20 countries signed the letter, including the Argentine journalist Stella Calloni; Colombian Sen. Piedad Cordoba, the Brazilian journalist Emir Sader; the Italian philosopher Domenico Losurdo; the Professor of the University of Sussex István Mészáros; Venezuelan writers Luis Britto García and Carmen Bohórquez; the Dominican vicious Chiqui; and the Cuban Roberto Fernandez Retamar, President of House of the Americas.