Italian airline to cancel 220 flights by Union strike

The strike is carried out by trade unions as a protest against the mass dismissals which proposes the industrial plan for the airline. | Photo: Reuters

The Italian airline Alitalia said Monday the cancellation of 220 national and international flights, which represent 40 percent of the scheduled, due to the strike by several unions.
Workers express their discontent regarding the industrial plan of the airline, which has expected 2 thousand layoffs, approximately.
> Father Francisco: who removes the use commits a grave sin in this way, the Italian company said it activated a program of relocation of passengers, which will use aircraft with greater capacity and invited those affected to see cancelled flights and the possibility of flying at other times.
The autonomous Union “CUB Trasporti”, alongside the CUB Trade Union from the airports of Milan, called a 24-hour strike.

Also, the main unions of the country, the Italian General Labour (CGIl) Confederation, the Italian Confederation of workers trade unions (CISL), the Italian Labour Union (UIL) and the General Labour Union (UGL), called the strike of air traffic controllers of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ENAC) for four hours, from 13 H 00 to 17 H 00 local (12 H 00-16 H 00 GMT).
It is as well as 220 flights canceled by Alitalia, will be added to all those that affect the drivers strike.