Greece recorded massive increase of Turkish immigrants

The registered increase, 566 people last week, contrasts with reports from beginning of February, where few people attended the region. | Photo: Sputnik Novosti

The press Greek said this Monday that the arrival to Greece of 566 refugees e immigrants from of Turkey, in them last five days, represented a figure superior to it accounted for from beginning of February until the last Thursday.
“The Government is always attentive to the departures. 566 people arriving these days do not exceed half of the 110-120 entries in Greece daily that we saw from the failed coup to Turkey last summer (15 July 2016) “, a source from the Ministry of migration in Greece told the news agency EFE.
> Only in February 11 thousand refugees have reached the EU government source added that “there is no reason for alarm”.
Of time, not is clear if the increase of the flow is related with the conflict between Turkey and the Union European (EU) and the threats of Ankara’s resume the transfer of immigrants.

In addition, the reduction of the presence of warships in the maritime border between the two countries, increased by the tension between the two countries during the month of February, could have influence on the largest number of arrivals.
Meanwhile, 14.262 refugees who entered Greece by sea after the implementation of the agreement between the European Union and Turkey on the management of the crisis, exactly a year ago remain trapped in the Aegean Islands.
In total, around 30,000 people arrived to Greece since this date, a figure much lower than the 989.000 arrived the previous year, according to data from the European Commission (EC), while only 916 people were deported to Turkey in the framework of the agreement.
In recent days, while increasing verbal tension between Turkey and the EU ban Turkish ministers to organize caucuses in Germany and the Netherlands, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, threatened to enable the passage of 15,000 migrants to Europe every month.
> Turkey might send 15,000 migrants per month to the EU