Google celebrates change of station with two interactive Doodles

While Equinox begins March 21, the specialists assert that the dynamism of the heavenly bodies do not ensure exactly the beginning of the stage. | Photo: Google

The most famous search engine in the world, Google, decided to commemorate on Monday the start of the Equinox of spring in the northern hemisphere and the autumnal Equinox in the southern hemisphere, through two interactive doodles.
A doodle is a special design by the company during the celebration of an event of national or global > Google celebrates discovery of exoplanets with a doodle in both doodles, which celebrated the change of season in both parts of the planet, appears a mouse. In the southern hemisphere, is mixing between the blades and taking you warm, while in the northern hemisphere is shown cutting the first flowers of the season.
The Equinox determines that the duration, both day and night, is the same, for 12 hours, in contrast to the rest of the year, where there are more hours of daylight in a certain period and vice versa.
However, there is an exact date to determine the beginning of it. Although it is stipulated that the Equinox start March 21, this year began this Monday 20.

An excuse to finally learn what an Equinox: the #doodle today! #ChauVerano #Otoño – Google Argentina (@googleargentina) 20 March 2017 “variations from one year to another are due to the duration of the calendar year does not coincide exactly with the time that it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun”, say the experts.
In this way, the March equinox is produced day 20 since 2008 and will continue in this way at least until the year 2020.