U.S. prosecutors accused Porfirio Lobo of drug trafficking

Fabio Lobo, son of the Uribe will be sentenced on May 30, he faces a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life imprisonment. | Photo: Press

The prosecution of New York ensures that the former President Honduran Porfirio Wolf Sosa agreed to protect to drug traffickers next to his son Fabio in Exchange for bribes, according to a document judicial to which agreed the agency AFP.
Fabio Lobo is accused by the US Government of conspiracy to ship cocaine to the United States and is in prison in New York since may, 2015.

HONDURAS: Ex President Porfirio Lobo, accused by prosecutors of United States to be linked to drug trafficking.

-Gilda Silvestrucci (@GildateleSUR) 18 March 2017 the former head of a cartel of drug, Devis Leonel Rivera Madariag, said that in addition to Fabio Lobo, the former Wolf and current Security Minister, Julián Pacheco, as well as two deputies, a mayor and the brother of the current President Juan Orlando Hernández had links with drug trafficking. All deny the accusations.

Honduras: former President Porfirio Lobo could surrender in the next few hours to justice us.

-Gilda Silvestrucci (@GildateleSUR) 18 March 2017 “while Lobo Sosa was a candidate for President of Honduras in 2009, the leaders of the Cachiros paid him approximately $500,000 in Exchange for political protection from police investigations, prevent the extradition to the United States and the granting of contracts of Honduran Government agencies to companies facade to launder money controlled by the Cachiros” the text added.
After reports of the excapo of the Cachiro, the former Wolf said “my conscience is clean of any illicit act pointing against my person. I put me to inquiries and any thorough investigation by the authorities”.
The Honduran Prosecutor’s office announced that it will investigate ex officio public figures by Rivera Maradiaga, who confessed to cause the death of 78 people and faces a minimum penalty of imprisonment more than 30 years.
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