Shot a man after stealing a weapon in Paris Airport

The police has already sheltered from Orly airport. | Photo: Reuters

A man was shot Saturday at the Orly airport in Paris, capital of France, after having stolen a weapon to a military anti-terrorist surveillance device, said the French Ministry of the Interior.
On them 07 H 30 GMT, “a man you stole a weapon to a military and is refuge in a trade of the airport before be dejected by the forces of security”, said the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior, Pierre-Henry Brandet.
Many officers present in the area went to the place and left the man, who did not respond to the shots, added the spokesman.
> Cancel 15% of flights in Paris in opposition to labor reform in the event there were no wounded among the law enforcement officers or between the occupants of the airport.
The Orly terminal, located to the South of Paris, was immediately evacuated. Sappers and special forces operating in the place to find out if the attacker had accomplices and wearing an explosive belt.
According to several witnesses, the airport has been evacuated.

[#Orly] On going police operation. Please respect the safety perimeter and avoid the airport area.

-Police Nationale (@PoliceNationale) 18 March 2017 French police warned passengers on his Twitter account that “refrain from entering the premises of the airport” and that “do not cross the security perimeter”.