Violence in El Salvador leaves at least 30 dead

Only this Thursday March 16 there were 12 dead in different parts of the country. | Photo:

El Salvador has recorded several episodes of violence this week that left at least 30 dead. These facts are closely related to gangs that exist in that country. 
On Wednesday, as a result of a clash between gang members and members of private security for a struggle of income and extortion to merchants, six people were killed in the historic centre of San Salvador.
Another fact related to Salvadoran gangs four women were killed, including a pregnant woman and her attackers killed by local police when they tried to flee the place.  
For its part, the Office of the Attorney-General reported Thursday other 12 dead in different parts of the country.
During a press conference, the director of the National Civil Police, Commissioner Howard Cotto, said that according to its balance sheet “of 30 homicides occurred the day of yesterday, 17 are gang members, with the possibility that they are more than members of these criminal structures”.
Ricardo Sosa security expert confirmed that on Wednesday there were officially “30 killings, more four skeletons were found in the area of Ilopango” on the outskirts of San Salvador and is it presumed belong to four soldiers disappeared in October 2016.
“The day of yesterday not was normal”, stressed the Minister of Justice and security public, Commissioner Mauricio Ramirez Landaverde, during an interview of radio local. “The situation is complicated and difficult, the problem is strong and hard. No one said that the problem was resolved,”added the official.
These episodes of violence have been recorded then that the public security authorities highlighted a considerable decrease in the number of violent deaths in the first two months of the year.
Cotto denied versions which ensure that what happened might be the start of a new escalation of gang violence: “There is intelligence that leads to consider that that is the case”.
El Salvador closed 2016 5.278 people killed, with an average of 14.4 violent deaths per day, 1.378 killings less in comparison with the previous year.