Macri Government faces day of protests in Argentina

A large number of grass-roots organizations involved in massive day of demonstrations, which are preceded by a build-up of social and economic problems in Argentina. | Photo: Twitter: @prensactep

Social movements will manifest this Wednesday in different parts of the federal Capital of Argentina and Gran Buenos Aires, as a sign of rejection of the economic policy of the Government of Mauricio Macri.
Grievances include the dismissals, the requirement for the application of the law of Social emergency, increasing poverty, unemployment and measures tarifazos and settings. The accumulation of social and economic problems caused increasing unrest and discontent in Argentina.
> Macri extending law that establishes social emergency in Argentina in the mobilizations are involved the Movimiento Evita, standing neighborhoods, the classist current and Combativa (CCC) and the Confederation of workers of the Popular economy (CTEP).
Also, product of the takes in the regulation of the Emergency Social, the CTEP and the movement neighborhoods of foot, will be locks in all the country, mainly in them routes of the province of Buenos Aires.

#AHORA in Pan American putting you a brake to them political liberal of the Government national #EmergenciaSocialYa #TierraTechoTrabajo (@prensactep) 15 of March of 2017 it CTEP issued a release in which says that “the Government has unfulfilled all them measures palliative agreed with them organizations Union and social”.
By its part, the Coordinator national of neighborhoods of foot, Daniel Menendez, called to the Government to review “with urgency their political economic”.

#AHORA starts the #JornadaNacionaldeLucha by the immediate implementation of the Emergency Social – CTEP (@prensactep) March 15, 2017 the organizers of the protest day ahead that they will ask the Government the implementation of the law of Social emergency, and the immediate creation of the 400,000 jobs that law.
These protests are United to them made by several organizations social, that camped for 19 hours facing the Ministry of development Social of the nation. Later, they moved their acts to a dependency of the Ministry of labour.
> Argentine workers March against economic policies of Macri in this sense, the national member of the Movimiento Evita, Leonardo Grosso, said that they will be “more than 300 protests throughout the country”.
In addition, they join the strike convened by the guilds of the education and teaching, who initiated a new round of 24-hour activities stoppage.