Infrastructure School of Paraguay is the worst of America Latin

Some schools are in critical condition due to the deterioration and the lack of cleanliness. | Photo: @InfoNodal

The Education Division of the Inter-American Bank of development (IDB) and the Regional Office of education for Latin America and the Caribbean (Orealc/Unesco Santiago) carried out a study in fifteen countries in the region and determined that Paraguay is the worst country in terms of the relationship of school infrastructure and the learning of the students in the region.
The study compared them results of them tests academic of the third study Regional comparative and explanatory (Terce) and them features of it infrastructure School of the region, taking in has concepts of sufficiency, equity and effectiveness.
> Marching in Argentina to demand responses to the deterioration social the observation that considers six categories basic-water and sanitation; connection to services; spaces educational or academic; areas of offices; spaces of multiple use and equipping of classrooms – showed that at least one-third of students belonging to the basic education attend schools where being ignored even with half of characteristics of suitable infrastructure.
The probe is seen in Paraguay between 21 and 24 per cent of school infrastructure featuring only one or no category of sufficiency, and the average number of students who attend schools with five or six categories is minimal.
> Teachers extend strike and call for March in Argentina the Organization of the United Nations education science and culture (Unesco) argues that the physical condition of the schools is not necessarily related to the economic situation in the country, is because they are related to the level of prioritization, planning and efficiency of public policies , reason by which the Organization considers “unacceptable” the situation of Paraguay.