Cuaron: The Oscars do not recognize artistic quality of films

For Cuaron the Oscars are a marketing tool. | Photo: Reuters

Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón said Tuesday that the awards Oscar is given “much importance”, but that these are actually a ‘marketing tool’ and do not necessarily recognize the artistic quality of films.
“They are a marketing tool that has nothing to do with the artistic status of film as a language” or with the quality of this, said the filmmaker, who became the first latino to win the Oscar for best director.
Productions that are awarded with the Oscar have a certain “profile” and “in the context of the film the Oscar are an industry”, considered the winner two awards in 2014 by the direction and editing of the film Gravity, before a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of his new film Rome.
The institution that delivers these awards is “the Academy of Hollywood, not of the film international”, insisted Cauron and added that nor the Oscar or others entities as the Festival of Cannes, have it “authority” to decide “what is a good film”.
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