FARC-EP, committed to comply with disarmament in Colombia plan

The FARC-EP are waiting for a meeting with the Government of President Juan Manuel Santos to expedite the work on that topic. | Photo: Reuters

He Commander of them forces armed revolutionary of Colombia-army of the people (FARC-EP), Carlos Lozada, said this Friday that the Group insurgent is willing and committed to comply with the schedule of disarmament, which would end the next mayo, despite them arrears in the habilitation of them areas organized and points transient from the Government of that country.
“We have available to meet that commitment, which can strengthen this process is confidence in the parties, as well as we have shown willingness to honour our word, we want the Government to do the same”, said the leader of the FARC-EP to the press.
FARC-EP completed scroll values areas we see in all the possible scenarios for the reconciliation of the Colombian family. @Carlozada_FARC in @lafm pic.twitter.com/F8g5nfoR95 – Zonapazantonionarino (@ZVAntonioNarino) March 9, 2017 about 7,000 members of the FARC-EP are concentrated in the transitional district areas of standardization in 14 of the 32 departments of the country, where they must abandon weapons in its power together with the accompaniment of an international mission of the United Nations, then it reintegrated to the civil and political life of Colombia.
Lozada said that for June 1 should disappear those scenarios as legal figure in the country for the implementation of the relinquish weapons, but that doesn’t mean that we have to get out of there because really the procedure is not advanced to reintegrate into society former soldiers.

We have shown our total available to go to the #JEP to provide true @Carlozada_FARC in the @lafm – Zonapazantonionarino (@ZVAntonioNarino) March 9, 2017 > Colombian Government regulates amnesty law for the FARC-EP said that this period of enlistment for the reinstatement should take two to three years; “already have asked the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who have to make that differentiation, within half year for the neglect of the weapons is one thing and another is that will demand that next phase.”
In relation to delays in accommodation spaces enabling, Lozada said that while progress in some regions in others persist inconvenient, because fail enough materials and touch stop the works, or unpaid wages to workers. He regretted that what progress has been made in the course of the week is not significant, and continuing deficiencies in logistics.