Brazilian Minister linked to Odebrecht renew health license

Testimonies suggest that Padilha negotiated with the company Brazilian to finance campaigns of the PMDB, party of Michel fear. | Photo: EFE

He suspected of corruption and Minister of the Presidency of Brazil, Eliseu Padilha, renewed this Monday his license taken makes fifteen days by reasons of health.
The official Brazilian, subjected to a surgery of prostate the 27 of February, should return to the work this Monday but renewed his license and will be absent until the 13 of March. 
Padilha is one of the closest ones to the Acting President Michel fear and was named beneficiary of the Web of corruption that operated in the State Petrobras in a statement. 
Them testimonies of 77 exdirectivos of the Group Odebrecht, one of the many companies private involved in the scandal, are under strict secret procedural but information not contradicted by them courts, suggest that Padilha negotiated with Odebrecht a financing illegal for campaigns of the party of the movement Democratic Brazilian (PMDB), that leads fear.
According to those obtained by the press, those negotiations would have participated in the own fear and other leaders of the PMDB, some of which are also members of the Cabinet. 
> Link to Michel fear in case of corruption of Odebrecht the content of them statements of them 77 exdirectivos of the Group Odebracht could do is public soon, if so it requested the Prosecutor General of the Republic or the Court Supreme, responsible of them research on political linked to the case.
The testimony could affect dozens of politicians, mostly from the ruling party led by fear, PMDB and the workers party (PT). 
The press Brazilian ensures that in the list also figure the Senator Aloysio Nunes, the party Social Democracy Brazilian (PSDB) and designated by fear as new Chancellor, after the resignation of Jose Serra by so-called reasons of health. 
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