Milagro Sala denounces harassment in the Jujuy prison

The social leader ensures that Gerardo Morales (Governor of Jujuy) want it dead. | Photo: the Radio of the South

The leader social argentina miracle room explained the episode of crisis that lived makes a week in the prison of Jujuy to the know three new accusations in his against, when is meet more than 413 days of his detention arbitrary.
“Les ask forgiveness to the Argentine by have I tried killing.” I puntie the stomach with scissors; I’m rotten of that I fill of causes and that anyone do something. “I’m sad, it is a year and two months of persecution, adding twelve causes against me”, Hall told the radio program breaking molds. 
He complained that “they have paid a woman 500 thousand pesos to harass her and declare against me”. This woman – adds room-has links to a lawyer from the Governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales.
Milagro Sala also wrote a letter from prison in which accused that they use it to cover corruption. “One of them so many big business is the disappearance of 300 million of pesos, that has made disappear Gerardo Morales with his brother Freddy and his gang of officials of the power Judicial, the legislative and the Executive”, said.
Hall explained that these pitiful conditions affected him “this to me got me wrong. And also the statement that I have given in December, which have no proof. “And if them judgments against my person van to be so, of so many causes that I have armed, I’m going to finish with chain perpetual”.
Them lawyers of the Member of the Parlasur denounce that them three new accusations in his against seek justify it decision of the Justice of Jujuy of keep it with prison preventive before the imminent visit of it Court inter-American of rights human (IACHR).
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