Belt is would be in Ecuador in case of persecution judicial

According to Correa, the opponents will not accept the result if it defeats the ruling and they are preparing a complaint of an alleged fraud strategy. | Photo: Citizen

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, said this Friday that win the Presidency the opposition in that country would initiate a prosecution against, so it would stay in the country to defend his honor and to avoid that the achievements of the citizen revolution are destroyed. 
“Has no doubt that if such a win, that won’t has won, we will begin to pursue (…)” “and will be the best way that I stayed in the country to defend my honor, my Government and avoid that they destroy what has been achieved, and return them to overcome”, said during an interview with a local media. 
CORREA said that think-sum opposition candidate to the Vice-Presidency, Andrés Páez, is “a kind damaged public and private”.
> Belt: Life is played with the ballot right the President is confident of the victory of the candidate of the governing Alliance country, Lenín Moreno, and added that the absolute majority in the National Assembly “gives great governance” in the country. 
He data: A new survey of the firm diagnosis gave an advantage of 9.9 percent to Moreno facing the opponent Lasso, who is played the Presidency of that nation in the ballot of the 2 of April.