Boost miracle room photos in Macri in the Congress speech

The Argentine President gave his speech between chiflas and cries of rejection. | Photo: Reuters

Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, presented the advances of its management Wednesday during the installation of the legislative sessions of 2017. However, several deputies and groups took the opportunity to protest against the President and in favor of miracle room, dam native leader.
Milagro Sala present a group of members opposed to the President carried get photographs in white and black of the face of the Member to the Parliament of the Mercosur miracle room who was put in prison in 2016. Case has been condemned by leaders and international activists and the Argentine justice has begun to investigate the conditions of his arrest to international pressure.

Photo: Reuters cultivation of Yerba Mate farmers who cultivate the traditional Argentine plant banned them protest to Congress. Farmers are tired of trying to engage in dialogue with the Argentine Government unsuccessfully and have resorted to the support of a Congresswoman in the Congress, who took the intervention of the President to give a bag of grass to protest their working conditions.

Photo: budget another issue that was present was the Argentine budget. The decision-making administrative of this year put in danger leave without financing to several areas of rights and fights social. The Government already had to withdraw funds for the fight against gender-based violence. Front of the Congress met a group of activists against the virtual dismantling of the National Council of scientific and technical research (CONICET). While inside the hemicycle Members were protesting other measures of the President with impeachment signs. 

Photo: Reuters Photo: Reuters > the Government of Macri in intensive care