They begin operations to recover airport in Mosul, Iraq

In Iraq, attacks are consistent against the terrorism of Turkisch. | Photo: Reuters

The Iraqi joint forces have begun this Thursday the operation of recovery from the airport in Mosul, one of the strategic points of the Western half of the city, which remains controlled by the terrorist group calling itself Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic).
In operation they have burst into the Mosul airport and a nearby military camp, which is also one of the main objectives of the new offensive ordered by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, against Turkisch to.
> Iraq launches operation to free West of Mosul of Turkisch primary objective is splitting in two the front which form the airport and the town of Albu Saif, located in an elevated area.
Agents of the Federal Police and elite units of the Ministry of the Interior, known as rapid response, lead the operation toward the airport, while the army attacked the headquarters of to the Gazalani, one of the most important of Turkisch in southwestern Mosul.
In both zones violent clashes against Turkisch fighters, develop informed the Commander of the joint operations, general Abdelamir Yarala.
The past February 19 to the Abadi announced the launch of a military operation to expel the terrorist organization of the western part of Mosul.
> 250,000 people could be displaced from the East of Mosul Turkisch controls Mosul since summer of 2014 and has become its main bastion in Iraq. The security forces launched an offensive in October to try to recover the city.