Two technical of Unasur will continue the scrutiny final in Ecuador

Yet 12 percent of the ballot to have final results of the presidential elections in Ecuador. | Photo: @PresidenciaCNE

The Coordinator of the Mission of Electoral observation of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Alexander Vega, said Monday that two technicians will stay in Ecuador to follow up on the electoral results, which will be complete in at least three days.
“Unasur delegated two technicians for the tranquility of the opinion that will be the day of the results”, said Vega.
The Union Latin American of organisms electoral (Uniore) and the Mission of Unasur delivered this Monday to the Council National Electoral (CNE) those reports preliminary of them elections General made this Sunday in Ecuador.

.@cnegobec receives preliminary reports on @UNIORE @unasur and @OEA_oficial #EcuadorDecide election observation missions – Christian Salas M. (@CSalas_teleSUR) February 20, 2017 Vega explained that the President of the CNE, Juan Pablo Bozo, explained that 12 percent that makes remains to be counted “is that six percent of records that had no place of transmission and are coming from the rural areas of Ecuador”. 
Stressed that the right has made accusations of fraud from before the elections. He asked not to delegitimize the electoral process because missing 12 percent of the ballot.

We are confident that the results will be transparent to the public confident of success after the result #AlexanderVega @unasur – Christian Salas M. (@CSalas_teleSUR) February 20, 2017 for his part, the representative of Uniore said 30 members formed part of the Mission of union that accompanied the elections on Sunday. Stressed that with this mission “meets 277 missions of observation” in the region. “Union is an electoral body which we can not judge nor interfere in the country’s electoral processes”.
“We don’t give opinions and we can either publicly give comments that is delivered to the plenary of the electoral management body and they study the results of the assessment we have made.” “Stop to the Agency electoral that make his work and only provide us some opinions”, said the representative of Uniore. 
Before allegations of electoral fraud from the candidate’s right, Guillermo Lasso, which loses the election, he stressed that there is a formal complaint and there was only one orally “but we have not received any complaints with evidence”. He explained that “in polling places we have not received any complaint”.
The President of the CNE, Juan Pablo Bozo, after receiving reports indicated: “We have to get to know us first results and in turn we give you to know”. He asked that they not tarnish the election campaign of any political organization.
Well reported that this Sunday, during the process election, were assaulted three officers of the CNE in Guayas.
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