Today in Havana presented texts about Hugo Chávez

On May 23, 1999 the program Aló Presidente began its transmissions. | Photo:

The delegation of Venezuela invited to the XXVI international book fair in Cuba will present this Friday in the H in this capital the text of Hugo Chávez Aló Presidente Teórico in the Cultural House of the ALBA.  
The work printed by the Institute of high studies of the thought of Commander Hugo Chávez offers a collection of six programs Aló Presidente Teórico that took place in Venezuelan territory from June to August 2009.
> Biography of Raúl Castro was the book most sold in 2016 Betsy red, la Casa del ALBA Cultural Director, noted that the compilation takes the reader ideas and reflections of the own Chavez, an eminent politician and Venezuelan military who was President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from February 2, 1999 until his death, on March 5, 2013.  
We find a Chavez in the luminous fullness of his thinking, exercising a kind of nothing common teaching, expressed the current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the prologue to the book.    
To criterion of the Chief of State, Chavez was capable of exercising it more high pedagogy political because not ceased of learn.  
To the extent, and only to the extent we will be ensuring the irreversibility of the Venezuelan road to socialism, Maduro judgment in the introductory pages of the work in our thinking and our practice to carry the seal of Chavez.
> Publishing without Crimea Ukraine map in a book of crosswords Alo Presidente was a Venezuelan television program moderated by the own Chavez shortly after ascending to the Presidency in the interest of communicating with his people.  
While the Alo President theoretical emerged in 2009 to deepen in aspects of that type within the policy of the country.

La Casa del ALBA Cultural will give the book to all who attend the presentation on Friday at its headquarters, located in the municipality of Plaza of the revolution.  
In this institution, will also present the text “Hugo Chávez, a hurricane made people”, which defines the thinking of the Venezuelan leader in 15 strategic fronts: political, social, economic, cultural, the moral ethics, moral spiritual, military, environmental, the geostrategic, the geopolitical, the geo-economic and educational sports; product of a historical process with the active participation of the people.