Question posed by Einstein is close to be resolved

Recently, were detected gravitational waves that Albert Einstein had predicted nearly a century ago. | Photo: Infobae

A group of astronomers of Scotland seeks to resolve one of the ideas formulated by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago, in order to solve the riddle of the accelerated expansion of the universe.
In this way, according to the University of Edinburgh, located in United Kingdom, calculations made by this team will show if the expansion is dark energy, accepting the precept determined by the theory of general relativity of Einstein, or the theory of gravity.
> Gravitations wave, the scientific discovery of 2016 during the 1990s, several astronomers discovered that galaxies have the ability to travel at a very high speed. They also revealed that there was an acceleration in the speed, so an unknown force was the cause of the strange phenomenon.
The unknown force was the item catalogued as dark matter.
Makes almost a century, Einstein used a concept similar in their studies, while you added an element mathematician known as the “constant cosmological” to explain a universe static. However, he then dismissed his mathematical factor, when it was discovered that the universe is expanding.
> He universe is expands of way uniform and without address currently, the team Scottish has it belief of that it solution lies in measure it speed to which them waves of gravitation cross the universe, since if hand, them waves made its movement to the speed of the light, would be discarded them theories alternative of it gravity that exclude it energy dark.
But, in the event that the speed is different to it of the light, the theory of the power dark would have that be revised again.
The experiment could be made in the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO, for its acronym in English), in the United States, which directly detected gravitational waves for the first time in the year 2015.

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