Google loses several experts by paying them high salaries

Several of these workers from the developer of autonomous vehicles Waymo decided to devote himself to personal projects. | Photo: Reuters

The parent company of Google, Alphabet, lost several of its main developers experts by offering them salaries too big, to keep them in the State.
A report published by the portal Bloomberg reflected that them payments that received their workers more veterans did that already these not “needed the Security (financial) that its employment them gave”.
> YouTube celebrates 12 years of existence several of these workers from the developer of autonomous vehicles Waymo won lots of money, the most since the beginning of the creation of the company in the year 2009, so they decided to leave it to devote himself to personal projects outside of it.
According to the system of compensation of the Waymo company, payments accumulated by that at the end of each project wages multiplied, as well as the received bonuses.
> Google celebrates love and friendship with a Doodle pangolin although figures received by each employee and those who received it were not clear, it is known that several workers left the company between them, Chris Urmson, ex-Chief of the automotive division, and Bryan Salesky, who launched a company called Argo AI, with an investment of one billion dollars from Ford last week.
Although Waymo progresses under cover of Google, known as Alphabet technologies, development unit and its financial performance is positive, it had high operating expenses in the fourth quarter of 2015, when there was an increase of 14 percent, attributed to the development of the project of creation of autonomous vehicles.
> Launch Russian competition the WhatsApp and Skype for this reason, accelerated the market of a product launch, which materialized with the emergence of the first vehicle of Waymo, already circulating the streets to test.

#Waymo completed the world’s first fully self-driving ride on public roads in 2015. This is just the beginning. #hellowaymo #selfdrivingcar (@Waymo) 13 of December of 2016 Waymo is one of the projects of cars autonomous more successful developed, with travels more kilometers without greater record of accidents that their competitors.